10 Very Direct Appeals To Race, Gender And Ethnicity In New York Politics This Year

In New York City, all politics is identity politics. New Yorkers vote for mayor Tuesday, and Bill de Blasio seems to be winning this game.

1. Anthony Weiner, Jamerican.

2. Christine Quinn likes to point out that she is the only woman running for mayor.


4. This ad depicts Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes as a sacrificial chicken. It is an appeal for the Orthodox Jewish vote.

Gothamist / Via gothamist.com

5. “I remember getting mugged when I was a kid on my way to Yeshiva.”

6. Eliot Spitzer also rather direct in his appeal to Orthodox Jews.

7. John Catsimatidis is a friend to all Greeks.

8. Bill Thompson, the only black candidate in the mayoral race, has sought to make sure voters know he is, in fact, black.

9. But the most effective invocation of identity, by far, has been Bill de Blasio’s centering his campaign on his interracial family.

10. As his daughter Chiara puts it: De Blasio is “not some boring white guy.

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