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8 Recommendations To Learn Typing

Knowing typing means to find all keys without the need to look at the keyboard and without thinking. It seems that your fingers find the appropriate key automatically, but you do need to get to practice and repeat the movements. It's like wanting to be muscular, if you do not go to the gym to exercise you will not create muscle.

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The bad news is that you need to practice ... a lot. But there is also good news: you can shorten the learning curve much if you follow these eight recommendations:

1.Say aloud the letters while the you type . Each time you learn a new letter your brain has to establish a "connection" between the letter and the movement needs to be done to retype.Saying the letter aloud while the you type accelerates learning, because not only do you see the letter you want to type appear on the screen (visual feedback), also saying the letter aloud das auditory feedback. Maybe it seems strange at first, especially if there are more people around, but worth doing.

2.Practice 3 times each week . You can not learn typing doing one lesson every long time. Try doing 3 lessons each week.

3.Write keeping pace . Writing at the same rate you will make fewer errors. By not having to make corrections you will be much faster and learn well at first.

4.Adopts a correct posture . Correctly position yourself behind the keyboard is important to type all the letters at high speed. Besides correct posture can prevent serious physical problems. In our course there are clear explanations on how to position yourself .

5.Do not try to be fast, but I need! Once you can write in a precise way, the speed will increase without having to make an effort. Simply writing go faster and faster.

6.Choose a fun course . You 'll have to do many exercises to get to automate movements. That is something that can be aburidísimo. Choose a course that you find funny, because you will be more consistent in practice.

7.Leave your method of writing . At first you will surely go slower with ten fingers than with your original form of typing. I can assure you that this is only the beginning, while you are learning typing. Sometimes maybe you think, why touch typing course with 10 fingers, if you would faster with 2. When you have learned the most letters correctly, try to write all the texts applying what you've learned. Maybe at first you go a little slower, but is only temporary. Arrived at this point you need little to go faster than ever!

8.The frequency is more important than quantity . You're probably very motivated at thebeginning and want to learn super fast by 2 lessons every day. It is much better to do a little less, but be consistent throughout the course. You will learn much faster if instead of, for example, do much once every two weeks practice a little bit every day.

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