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The Cronut Craze Goes Global

Edible proof that too much of a good thing can be a very bad thing indeed.

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This is a cronut.

What is a cronut, you ask?

A cronut is a croissant/donut hybrid.


People in New York City are crazy for cronuts.

They line up at 5 a.m. for them.

Naturally, other bakeries want to make cronuts. So there are lots and lots of cronut knockoffs.

This is a dossant. You can get one at Peña's Donut Heaven and Grill in Pearland, TX.

There are kronut krullers at Red the Steakhouse in Miami.

Boston's The Gallows calls its version a cro-not.

The Greenport, NY Cheese Emporium and & Cafe offers customers the (unfortunately named) scronut.


And Chicago's Gur Sweets Bakery features the croughnut.

No, it's not just Americans taking part. Michael James, who owns MoVida Bakery just outside Melbourne, is serving up his own version of a dossant.

And Spain's Pastisseria Lleonart didn't even come up with a new name--they're just calling these cronuts.


So many cronuts.


Too many cronuts?


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