Why Camping Holidays in the UK are the Best Thing About Summer

Camping holidays are the best. Camping can make possible the escape from everyday routine that we all crave through Summer. You can explore, wander and relax as much as you please - here are some reasons why camping holidays in the UK are the best thing about summer.

1. There are thousands of places to explore in the UK

Camping is a great way of getting out into the outdoors. You don’t have to go somewhere new or far-flung to find adventure.

2. You can stop and pitch in amazing places

You’re not limited by hotels, B&B’s and where your car can take you…

3. You get views like this

The countryside is your playground if you camp. Choose somewhere and go exploring.

4. You can get back to basics

Want to camp in the middle of nowhere and take nothing with you? Easy. There are loads of places in the UK you can do that. Try Alastair Humphreys’ site for inspiration.

5. Getting woken up by the sun and having to leave the tent immediately

The stifling heat of tent in the early morning needs to be experienced to be believed. Still, it’s a great opportunity to get out there into the outside world as early as possible.

6. and therefore get to see early mornings for the first time since you were a kid.

Nothing like the smell of the morning air on a sunny day. Early morning’s are good for the soul, and you’ll appreciate them so much when you’re camping.

7. It brings out the best in our spirit

Bit of mud? Raining? Stop moaning.

8. and Dad gets to do the cooking.

When was the last time your Dad took to the barbecue with abandon? In the garden excuses come easily, but in a field next to a tent Dad is the chef come rain or shine.

9. Fires. Fires everywhere

Any opportunity to start a fire when you’re camping needs to be taken. Light, warmth, comfort, amateur acoustic guitar playing…

10. Long summer evenings

Summer evenings - what true nostalgia is made of.

11. The smell of wet grass

Know that smell when it rains on a hot day? Just like that, but fresher, and more British.

12. and braving the mud….

Okay, so it’s not going to be wonderful weather all the time. Even so, us Brits know how to make the most of it.

13. Wild Swimming

There are hundreds of place to wild swim in the UK, and most are set within stunning areas of countryside. What better way to relax on a camping holiday than float around with a backdrop like this?

14. Get to use a bunch of kit you wouldn’t normally in day to day life…

Some amazing camping accessories can be purchased for your adventure - making life that little bit easier.

15. You can wander alone through the countryside for miles

If you need some time alone, camping can be a great form of escape

16. Games don’t have to involve staring at a screen

17. You get to try all the local food

Nothing says a UK camping holiday like sampling on-the-go foods like Pasties

18. …and you get to be adventurous and cook on a fire

19. You can embrace your retro sense of adventure

Get excited by the idea of releasing your inner Ernest Hemingway? Camping’ll be perfect.

20. And celebrate the best of the British seaside

A traditional British holiday in a traditional British place.

21. You don’t have to be a ‘camping person’ to enjoy it…

A little while ago camping went ‘glamping’ - you don’t have to be all wellies and raincoats to enjoy getting out there. Posh camping has become very popular in recent years

22. But if you are, you can pretend to be this man and nobody will judge you

23. Above everything, you get to enjoy the very best the UK has to offer

24. ….and experience some of the best times you’ll ever spend with friends & family

25. So get out there and explore!

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