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Best Bloggers Around

Here are the top three bloggers I follow on social media!

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1. Lauren Conrad

I have been following Lauren Conrad since she appeared on the show Laguna Beach, which seemed like years ago. But, once I found out she had created a brand and blog of her own, I had to look into it. I follow many bloggers on other social media outlets such as Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, and is where I get most of my ideas from. From time to time I do like to look at the actual blog website and I see many strengths as well as weaknesses. For example, I love the use of pictures Lauren uses on her website to show us what she is wearing, doing, creating and where she is traveling to. But on the other hand, the homepage of the site seems jumbled up and it is difficult to locate different posts.

2. Julia Hengel

Julia Hengel's blog is very similar to Lauren Conrad's blog I mentioned above. She shares style tips, beauty tips and her travel excursions throughout the world. I discovered Julia on Pinterest when trying to decide which hairstyle I should rock for the upcoming season, and came across her post. I instantly became inspired by her simple, yet elegant style and I had to know more. I found her on Instagram which is where I keep up with her most of the time and from there, discovered her blog page. My favorite part of the page is the travel section. She mostly uses pictures to tell her story with a few captions here and there, but the images that fill the entire page are what pulls me in. I hate to be picky but something she could improve on is to make her texts a little bit larger. Easier on the eyes.

3. Courtney Kerr

Courtney Kerr is also someone who I followed off of a television show. She, as well as the others, offer her insights on lifestyle tips that include beauty, traveling and entertainment. I follow her on Instagram, which seems to be a trend of mine and explore the Dallas lifestyle. Her style and wardrobe are what stuck out to me the most and how she shares the different brands or designers she is wearing. What I was most disappointed with on her site was the lack of traveling and eating and drinking posts. Who doesn't like eating and drinking... I want to know more!

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