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    6 Awesome Al Bundy Lines

    In 1997, after a ten year stint Married With Children went off the air but Al Bundy's legacy will live on in our hearts forever.

    Honesty was his middle name


    Bud: The call cost more than the car

    Al: Yes and it cost more than the condom I should have used the night you were conceived

    Unlike most Americans he adored his job...


    Peg: How was your day at the shoe store?

    Al: Feet and the return of warm weather make a deadly combination

    He wasnt afraid to express his financial issues


    Steve: Believe me it had to do a lot with that tax refund we just got.

    Marcy: The only thing is we don’t know what to do with the money.

    Al: Why don’t you have a couple of kids they’ll suck it up like a hoover it’s a vacuum Peg in case you want to do something different with your afternoons.

    He always made his children feel loved.


    Kelly: I know why you don’t want me to drive and its not the insurance your little girl is growing up and you cant bare to let her go huh?

    Al: No, it’s the insurance

    He always had something positive to say about daytime television


    Peggy: Before I serve you I have some great news.

    Al: Oprah finally exploded

    The End....

    "Women you can't live with them and the end."