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    17 Things You Probably Had In Elementary School!

    Oh how times have changed!

    1. Tattoo Necklaces

    Via Tumblr

    2. Milky Pens

    Via Angelfire

    They made it acceptable to draw on yourself.

    3. Bon Bons Nail Polish

    Only 99cents at CVS

    4. Lip Smackers!

    Via Tumblr

    Came in every flavor imaginable & some had glitter too.

    5. Warheads

    Via tumblr

    Torture in a wrapper.

    6. Titanic Movie Ticket

    If you jump I jump remember?

    7. White Keds Sneakers

    Via blogspot

    They were filthy within a day after playing outside.

    8. Dear Diary

    Via Pinterest

    Some even had the ability to send electronic messages hmmm could it have been the start of text messaging?

    9. Polly Pocket

    Via unabashedlypoetic.files.wordpress

    Polly easy not to lose.

    10. Scratch And Sniff Stickers

    Via Facebook

    So much to receive on your spelling tests.

    11. Lisa Frank Everything!

    Via Tumblr

    12. Glitter Crayons

    Via Crayola

    Crayola manufactured the BEST crayons, all the other ones broke within a week.

    13. Britney Spears Cassette Tape


    And you may have voted for her videos on TRL... "hit me baby one more time"

    14. Colored Game Boy

    Via wikimedia

    Colored Game Boys were all the rage!

    15. Goosebumps!

    Via Impulse

    R.L. Stine Stephen King for kids

    16. VCR

    Via First Witness

    Remember using the rewind button?

    17. Bad Hair Cut

    Via Facebook

    You had one just look back at your 3rd grade school photo,