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    13 Of The Hottest YouTubers

    Youtube has taken over the world creating a brand new kind of celebrity. Below are some of the hottest Youtubers on the web. In no particular order.

    Arika Sato


    Arika's channel is dedicated to giving both girls and guys a little bit of advice.

    Andre Meadows aka Blacknerd!

    Via Facebook

    Andre's channel is dedicated to you guessed it! ALL things nerdy! Sometimes he make rants, sometimes he talks about video games & other times he interviews hot girls.

    The Hodge Twins

    Via Fat Guy Radio Show

    Double trouble. These twins have multiple channels, one that focuses on fitness, another that allows their fans to ask them questions, and another where they Vlog.


    Via Youtube

    Chris aka Csandreas likes to focus on nerd topics like Pokemon and other video games, however he also offers viewers excellent advice about dating, confidence and being happy.


    Everyone loves a pretty blonde that is willing to dance around an Apple store.

    Jenna Marbles

    Via Flickr

    She is one of the most subscribed people on Youtube, not only is Jenna beautiful she is hilarious and incredibly intelligent.

    Jimmy Tatro

    Via Youtube

    Jimmy Tatro has become one of everyone's favorite frat guys due to his success with his channel Life According To Jimmy. He was recently in Grown Ups 2!

    Melanie Rose aka MakeupByMel

    Via Youtube

    Mel is a popular beauty guru, but she also Vlogs while traveling and posts fashion related videos.

    Michael Kory

    Via Youtube

    Michael Kory makes awesome workout videos and he has a cool accent.

    Nicole Guerrero

    Via Youtube

    Nicole is a beauty guru with a vibrant personality; she makes celebrity inspired makeup tutorials along with product reviews and fashion hauls.

    Ryan Higa


    Ryan Higa is one of the original popular Youtubers and his popularity continues to grow! He often makes parody videos and comedy skits.

    Scott Herman

    Via Google

    Scott Herman is a fitness model that posts videos three times a week all correlated with working out and getting fit.

    Tyler Oakley

    Via Youtube

    Tyler's channel focuses on a variety of topics like One Direction & Disney because of this he has acquired a huge fan base of teen girls.