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    10 Companies That Rock At Social Media

    It is no surprise that social media is another form of advertising, and nobody really likes ads, but these companies are frequently posting awesome content that does not always sound over the top promotional, and they do so by incorporating a touch of humor. Who doesn't like to laugh?

    Jack In The Box

    Via Twitter: @JackBox

    This couldnt be more true.


    Via Twitter: @TMobile

    They know how to make mom feel special

    Action Duct Cleaning

    Via Facebook: ActionDuctCleaning

    They post on a variety of topics, not just duct cleaning!

    Quest Nutrition

    Via Twitter: @QuestNutrition

    Selling delicious cheesecake flavored protein bars to help people stay in shape!

    DK Donuts

    Facebook: dksdonutssantamonica / Via Facebook: dksdonutssantamonica

    They're always posting adorable photos, and proudly service awesome companies such as Netflix!

    Emily Jo Personal Styling

    Digital Media Management

    Via Facebook: digitalmediamanagement

    They cater to well known clients, and it is easy to see why!


    Via Twitter: @GEICO


    Urban Decay Cosmetics

    Via Facebook: urbandecaycosmetics

    I am well aware of the grammatical error, but they incorporated Mean Girls into their status, therefore, they get a free pass,

    Simply Coffee

    Via Facebook: simplycoffeeburbank

    Aint that the truth?