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12 Reasons Why You Should Hire Me

Because I'm awesome.

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Hello BuzzFeed Australia! My name is Jaclyn, but others call me Jackie, Jacks or Jackie-Q. I've forwarded you this link because I think your company is pretty great and I'd love to work with you. I know cover letters can get pretty boring and even I get bored of writing them sometimes. So here is a different twist on things...

1. I graduated from Ryerson University studying print and media in the city where The 6ix has now become its official name.

Rob H. / Via

Like so many others before me I thought I was living the dream working in my field straight out of Uni, but it turns out that it wasn't my dream after all. We only get one life to live and I wasn't going to spend it behind locked bars.

2. I live for spontaneous and adventurous moments!

Wind and Water / Via

So with that I quit my job, packed up my things and moved to Sydney to chase after the optimistic dream. With only being 25 years old I figured this was the time to make mistakes and to follow an unplanned agenda for once.

3. The 'dream' started with internships, long hours and back-to-back days in retail all while trying to kick start my blog Gypsy Eyes.

Life at UCR / Via

I firmly believe that all experiences - good and bad - can have a positive effect on your work ethic and no skill earned is ever a waste.

4. Although my experience is primarily print and customer service based, I’m passionate about creating smart, unique and sharable content.


I have the ability to write funny, original content that adapts to suit different audiences and subjects. I have stories to write, share and converse about. Gypsy Eyes is a creative outlet for me to share those things.

5. I once wrote a BuzzFeed article about the 'game' of Tinder.

Tumblr / Via

This article jump started my way into writing. I live for writing and I am never embarrassed to share my life stories. What is life if it is not accompanied with humour, smiles, embarrassing moments and a bottle of Vino!

6. I have creative and editing skills.

Horse Nation / Via

I've spent the past 5 years proofreading various forms of documents. I was automatically given the role as editor when it came to all group assignments. I guess you can say I have a slight obsession with it.

7. Design and colour is my forte.


I'm currently reading a book on how to make my Instagram feed look on point in a way that it tells a story to my audience. Dedication my friend.

8. I am proficient in all walks of life.

Melissa Rodier / Via

Aka Photoshop and Illustrator

9. I am the Queen of GIFs

Flare / Via

It may not be as great as having the title Queen Bey, but I once held a group conversation with just merely speaking through the use of GIFs and that in itself is pretty great. Needless to say my friends didn't talk to me for about a week after that.

10. I am a passionate, ambitious and dedicated individual who is always up for a challenge.


Even if it means eating an entire tub of every Ben and Jerry's ice-cream flavour. I'll do it.

11. Although I am happy working alone, I am also inspired working with a dynamic, creative and open-minded team.


All ideas deserve to be heard. Always.

12. At the end of the day I'm just another enthusiastic individual who refuses to give up the optimistic dream.


The dream of sharing my life stories and the love for all things related to fashion and food.

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