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    Best Roommate Ad Ever

    Finding a roommate is hard, especially when using Craigslist. But Hugh Podmore and his clever slideshow makes it look adorably easy.

    This is Hugh Podmore. And he needs a roommate.

    And why wouldn't you want to be his roommate?!

    He's smart.

    And clean.

    And social.

    And he cooks.

    Ladies, get in line.

    He also has a lot of cool hobbies.

    Like kite surfing.

    And playing the guitar...

    Quietly, of course.

    Did I mention he plays Quidditch?

    He knows what's important.

    Sorry, smokers.

    And he's an equal-opportunity roommate.

    And he just waits patiently for you.

    He updated his journey on his Facebook page.

    And there's a happy ending!

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