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14 Female Horror Movie Villains Who Absolutely Slay

Horror's best Ladies Who Lash Out.

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1. Jennifer Check (Jennifer's Body — 2009)

Dune Entertainment / Via

After escaping a bar fire and following a rock band to their van, this high school cheerleader returns with a new kind of appetite for young men. As one does.

3. May Dove Canady (May — 2002)

2 Loop Films / Via

Everyone else is having fun and hooking up, so May gets fed up about being on her own. So, naturally, she starts to make her own friends — out of real people.


7. Golden and Silver (The Lure — 2015)

Wytwórnia Filmów Dokumentalnych / Via

Forget Little Mermaid. In this Polish horror musical, Golden and Silver are your average tail-flipping, song-singing, man-eating sea sirens.


9. Santanico Pandemonium (From Dusk Till Dawn — 1996)

Dimension Films / Via

At first blush, Santanico might seem like your typical burlesque dancer. But once she shows her true face, people are suddenly a lot less interested in getting a lap dance.

10. The Blackfoot High School cheerleaders (All Cheerleaders Die — 2013)

ModernCiné / Via

After a nasty fight with the football team, a group of high school cheerleaders end up dead. The next morning, the girls walk back into school very much alive, thanks to the powers of a witch, and have a new craving for human flesh.

11. Mary Mason (American Mary — 2013)

IndustryWorks Pictures / Via

As a medical student, Mary Mason is drawn into the underground world of black market surgery and body modification — namely because, well, she's broke.


13. Tiffany (Bride of Chucky — 1998)

Universal Pictures / Via

Trapped inside doll bodies, Tiffany and her boyfriend Chucky engage in some super dark Bonnie & Clyde escapades, until things take a turn and Tiffany realizes she's over it.

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