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Top 6 Songs To Listen To While Playing Civ 6

Whether at a candlelit LAN party (yes, I have done that) or enjoying some solo conquest time to yourself, these songs will be sure to get you in the mood for world domination.

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1. Hook - Blues Traveler

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You may recognize this from Emma Stone's lip-sync-off with Jimmy Fallon; this song fits every play style—from the more subdued, "cultured" player to the irrational, warmongering player who always chooses to play as Gandhi.

Motivational Quotes:

"To familiar heroes from long ago, no matter how much Peter loved her, what made the Pan refuse to grow."

"I wanna burn all of your cities to the ground, but I've found I will not mess around unless I play, then hey, I will go on all day."

2. Empire - Shakira

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The obvious choice. You can hear this blasting from every serious Civ player's bedroom as they take the plunge and hit that irreversible "Declare War" button to backstab their closest allies. Poor Jadwiga, she never saw this coming.

Motivational Quotes:

"And the stars make love to the universe."

"And I'm like ooooooooooooh ooooooooooh, and I'm like ooooooooooooh ooooooooooooh."

3. Doomsday - Nero

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Even if you never rode the 2011 dubstep wave, you can't ignore the fact that this song was clearly written for Civilization. I'll set the scene:

Your armies are lined up at the enemy's borders and you have just a glimpse of their forces. The cold war has gone on far too long between you, and you both know that in Civ, diplomacy is never really an option. You press play and a barrage of explosions unfolds.

Motivational Quotes:

"December the first, 2808


4. Obokuri Eeumi - Ikue Asazaki

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Did you really think it was acceptable to play Civ while listening to only music in English? You don't need to be playing as Japan to listen to this dramatic, tragic tune; in fact, this song is sung in a dialect of Japanese that comes from the Ryuku islands, home to ancient pirates. This song will have you feeling beautiful, even in defeat. You might even sing along. Loudly.

Motivational Quotes:

"Ya karachitabore [Brothers, lend me a sleeve]
Hitotsu aru bani ya [I want to dress the children and those i love]
Kanasha se ni kusuitei [With the single kimono i own]
Hare wanu ya okuyama [I will wear vines]
Nu kazuradasuki [That i picked deep within the mountains]"

Translation taken from Youtube user schmucker1989.

5. Me Fui - Bebe

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Another tragic one, this time in Spanish. We all get that titillating rush that comes when we draw our weapons on our closest allies to take all of the glory for ourselves. Sadly, this means that it happens to us every once in a while, too. This song is perfect for that situation and for reinforcing the lesson that you should always be prepared to sell out your friends before they do the same to you.

Motivational Quotes:

"¿Dónde estabas cuando te llamaba? [Where were you when I was calling for you?]"

"¿Entre tanta mierda, dime, dónde estabas tú? [Amidst so much shit, tell me, where were you?]"

6. Before He Cheats - Carrie Underwood

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This one's for the rebound. Sure, everybody gets betrayed at times, but were all of your cities razed? No. You are still in this, and the first step on the road to recovery is to forgive, and then to make a promise to yourself that you will dedicate your life to seeking vengeance at all costs. This isn't about winning anymore. It's about doing as much damage as possible.

Motivational Quotes:

The whole song.

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