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Internship Recruiting, As Told By My Bar Mitzvah Photos

it's the most wonderful (and lucrative) time of the year?

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You spend your nights studying up

everything from every last word on your resume to how to properly calculate the present value of an annuity. PLUS all your real school homework (can't forget about that!!!!)

You sit in the waiting room, surrounded by the competition, fantasizing about the paycheck you're gonna receive when you nail this interview & get the internship of your dreams.

And you sit, listening to your interviewer talk about all the amazing opportunities available and all you can think about is how full your bladder is.

The Superday is over, and you walk out a changed person, only to get a call that you didn't get the job.

That's ok, you've applied literally everywhere so you're bound to hear back from more companies!!! RIGHT??

You walk them through your resume, get your technicals to the T, and tell them all about that dysfunctional group you were in

After two painful weeks, you get that call — YOU GOT THE JOB!

OMG your parents are going to be so proud! Your grandmother will boast to all of her friends at the JCC! Life is great!

And, with the weight of the internship hunt off your shoulders you suddenly remember you have a marketing midterm on Monday.

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