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15 Reasons Dating In Your Early Twenties Is Nearly Impossible

Unless you come out of college with a significant other, it's not happening.

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1. Who has the time for a relationship?


Between your second year at that gap year job, going back to school because you're unemployable, your blog, your friends, your family, and the internet, you're pretty swamped.

3. Which means there aren't social functions every Friday and Saturday and Thursday.

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As well as every other Tuesday, the last Sunday of the month following an odd-numbered Wednesday, and the Monday after a blue moon whereupon we only drink Blue Moon.


13. You're holding out for that job in [insert big city here].

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You'll have enough money and free time to date all the people once you get this job. And who knows where you'll end up? L.A., New York, ungoverned Afghanistan: Somebody, somewhere has to need the services of a semi-skilled college graduate, right? Right?

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