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9 Huge Changes Book Readers Will Notice In The Latest "Game Of Thrones" Episode

Not even halfway into the season, the differences between the book and the show are growing ever wider. Here there be spoilers through A Storm of Swords, both for the show and books.

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The Game of Thrones that we watch on HBO has never felt completely beholden to the books. We've known this ever since the first season, when Khal Drogo ripped the throat out of a character that George R.R. Martin stated would be important later. Characters such as Strong Belwas and the Brave Company were never introduced, though were arguably minor and able to be written around.

However, with this newest season, the changes have been getting bolder and more substantive. Jaime arriving in King's Landing well before he was supposed to. The breakup between Tyrion and Shae not leaving the former with reason enough to commit murder (though I guess that's subjective). Jaime raping Cersei in the Sept. And in this latest episode, it seems like the writers just decided to throw the book out the window. For instance:

3. Vargo Hoat / Locke never goes to the Wall.


In fact, Brienne was supposed to have bitten him at Harrenhal, with the wound later becoming infected and driving him mad. Not to mention every single other aspect of his character being changed.

5. Bran also never goes to Craster's Keep.


Nobody goes to Craster's! And Bran definitely doesn't get captured by the deserters, as they were already all killed by Coldhands, who WE STILL HAVEN'T MET YET!

7. Mereen is captured by the dynamic duo of Jorah and Barristan, rather bloodlessly mind you, as repentance for their respective betrayals. / Via HBO

And afterwards, Barristan admits wrongdoing and is forgiven, while Jorah protests his innocence, resulting in him being exiled. Kinda important events.

8. This is more subtle, but Jaime is the one who names the sword Oathkeeper, not Brienne.


This is just a further perversion of Jaime's redemption arc, which was pretty much destroyed after last week's disturbing rape scene.

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