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20 Reasons Working On Christmas Day Is Actually The Best

YOU are King of the Castle for a day.

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1. The commute is really peaceful.

2. You know you're going to have run of the office.

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3. And that annoying coworker has the day off.

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4. So you can listen to your music as loudly as you want.

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5. You're not getting any email.

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6. Or phone calls.

The Weinstein Company / Via

7. And it's kinda weird.

The CW / Via

8. You're probably not going to be having any meetings.

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Since the boss is with his family somewhere warm and fluffy.

9. Which means you can get a lot of work done.

Universal Pictures / Via

10. But you probably won't.


11. Especially after how late you were up Christmas Eve.

NBC / Via

12. So now you head over to that holiday potluck.

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13. Or if you don't have that, order from the only place that's open.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via

14. But let's be honest, picking between multiple places stresses you out anyway.

Comedy Central / Via

15. Drinking may be encouraged.

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16. And it makes you feel like someone out of Mad Men.

AMC / Via

17. You get to avoid all those awkward question from your parents.

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"No, I'm not dating anyone. No, I'm not gay. Would you have a problem if I was?"

18. And your grandparents.

ABC / Via

"If you want grandkids, talk to my brothers."

19. This keeps the weekend feeling special.

Fox / Via

20. And, oh yeah, two words: Holiday. Pay.

HBO / Via

So here's to you, holiday workers.

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