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Traditional Emirati Food You Must Try In Dubai – Arabian Foodie Adventures

Dubai may be known for its fantastic shopping and cosmopolitan culture, but it’s also a foodie haven for those looking to sample some traditional Emirati dishes.

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Al Harees

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Combining meat and wheat, Al Harees may look simple enough but it actually includes being boiled in water and later cooked in a clay pot for quite some time to bring out the flavours. The taste is unique and is a favourite at weddings and religious festivals.

Al Machboos

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This delectable meat (lamb or chicken) based dish is served in rice infused with such ingredients as dried lemon and onion. Al Machboos includes boiling ingredients in water before adding the rice & vegetables and further cooking; tender meet & aromatic rice make for a perfect meal.


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An Emirati favourite, Shawarma is a kind of Arabic roti wrap with juicy lamb or chicken together with tomatoes, pickles & spicy sauces. Different dining venues have their own versions and if you are looking for Palm Jumeirah restaurants where one can try Shawarmas you can try the weekly Spice Road Experience at Crescendo, part of Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort.



A kind of dip that has become a dish in its own right, Hummus is a wonderful accompaniment with bread based dishes or chips and is great as an appetizer too. Chickpeas are one of the main ingredients to Hummus, while lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, paprika & tahini paste give it a unique flavour.


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For those with a sweet tooth, Mahalabia is a kind of milk pudding and a favourite during Ramadan. This yummylicious dessert also features such essential elements as pistachios, rosewater and cardamom that really give Mahalabia its signature flavour.

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