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4 Desserts You Need In Your Life

Who doesn’t need some sugar in their lives? If you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth while vacationing in Dubai, here’re some must tries.

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Too Full for a Doughnut?

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Dig into some churros, the doughnut’s brother from another mother. It’s lighter & you’re always likely to have room for some after a meal.

A Symphony of Flavours from the French

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Soothing custard, crisp, flaky, buttery pastry, & berries bursting full of flavour...Need more be said? Tip: keep an eye out for these French fruit pastries when you hit the lavish breakfast spreads at hotels like Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort and similar others.

The English Fight Back

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There’s nothing quite like the scent of freshly baked scones. Add to that a generous dollop of rich clotted cream and a smatter of tangy strawberry jam, and we have a real winner. There are a great many eateries in areas like Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah. Restaurants which do a good high tea are your best bet if you want to sink your teeth into this treat.

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