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    Posted on Apr 8, 2015

    41 Reasons Liverpool Is The Absolute Worst

    Who would live in a place like this?

    1. Just look at the totally unromantic skyline.

    Flickr: hickey-fry / Creative Commons

    2. And here's some boring architecture that you don't want to stare at for hours on end.

    3. Nope. No stunning buildings anywhere.

    4. And there's no cool modern architecture either.

    5. What about the fact it doesn't just have one cathedral...

    6. ... which is equally ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ on the inside...

    7. ... but also another one. Now that's just showing off.

    8. And as for the Albert Dock?

    9. I mean, what an extraordinarily ugly place.

    10. You call this a library?

    11. And why is Liverpool so proud of these guys?

    12. Like really proud. It just means the city is full of awful graffiti like this.

    13. And historic venues like this. Yawn.

    14. The Liverpool Tate is an absolute snoozefest.

    Flickr: sacred_destinations / Creative Commons

    15. And the street art is totally normal.

    16. Absolutely nothing to see here.

    17. Seriously. Nothing.

    18. There are no theatres.

    19. And no music venues.

    Flickr: iknow-uk / Creative Commons

    20. Capital of Culture? Lol.

    Flickr: linda_lund / Creative Commons

    21. A park? Yeah. I guess it's got one.

    22. And a beach with incredible statues. But aren't these everywhere?

    23. The train station is utterly underwhelming.

    Flickr: karlgartland / Creative Commons

    24. And it looks terrible as the sun is setting.

    25. Apparently two big football teams are from there. And?

    Flickr: tearbringer / Creative Commons

    26. The city also hosts a race of some kind. Never heard of it, tbh.

    27. The birthday parties it throws are pretty low-key.

    Flickr: harrymoon / Creative Commons

    28. The traditional dish of the city is just a rubbish bowl of hearty goodness.

    Flickr: radarsmum67 / Creative Commons

    29. And if you don't like Scouse, I guess you could force yourself to go to Chinatown.

    30. Or a restaurant with a really boring view.

    31. But I guess the biggest problem is the people.

    32. The warm, funny, strong, proud, welcoming people who genuinely don't care what you think of them and are nice regardless.

    33. Don't you just hate cities with loads of hidden gems?

    34. Or iconic, independent shops like 69A.

    Flickr: echihuahua / Creative Commons

    35. And I hate a city that looks as good in the sun...

    Flickr: radarsmum67 / Creative Commons

    36. it does in the snow.

    37. There's nothing fun about a bus that rides on water.

    Flickr: cameronking / Creative Commons

    38. You'd have to be a lunatic to like bars with indoor palm trees.

    39. The pubs are almost too pretty.

    Flickr: 97938415@N00 / Creative Commons

    40. As are the fountains.

    41. Let's be honest, that's Liverpool's main problem: It knows how gorgeous it really is.

    Flickr: 13687890@N04 / Creative Commons

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