Lost Scrolls Reveal Ancient Japanese Farts

What could be the secret meaning behind these mysterious images from antiquity?

Blogger Hashi from the website Tofugu stumbled across the ancient Japanese fart scrolls while researching an article. The scrolls depict ancient dudes just farting the whole place up. Scroll down for the fascinating images that perhaps raise more questions than they answer.

2. Farting at cats

3. Farting on horseback

4. Fart Wars

5. Farting on old people

6. Farting through doors

7. Farts from all sides

8. Farting in bags

9. Release the farts

10. A coordinated fart strike

11. This could really escalate

12. Farting out whole trees

13. If you really want answers, listen to Hashi’s theory about the ancient Japanese fart scrolls

14. Nice to see the proud tradition lives on

“Farting when no one else is home”

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