10 Technologies That Could Be Used To Build A Real Hoverboard

Back To The Future Part II promised us hoverboards in the near future, but so far no one has come through with the goods. As the 2015 deadline set by the film approaches, just what do scientists have up their sleeves?

1. Quantum Levitation

Quantum levitation is achieved by cooling superconductors. Someone fetch me some duct-tape and a skateboard…

2. Electromagnets

This is a damn fine attempt, but it can only carry 5 pounds.

3. Maglev

Maglev trains use magnets instead of wheels and the reduced friction allows them to travel at incredibly high speeds. So make a maglev hoverboard already!

4. Hoverbike

Chris Malloy designed this hoverbike for herding livestock. You’re on the right track Chris!

5. Helicopter bike

If you could make this just a little bit smaller…

6. Vectored Thrust

Harrier jump jets can take off vertically and hover, but good luck trying to get one into a half-pipe.

7. Mars Sky Crane

It would be a crime to leave out the awesome Skycrane used to lower the curiosity rover onto the surface of Mars.

8. Anti-Gravity

Researchers at CERN are testing for the existence of anti-gravity. Work in progress…

9. This guy has the right idea…

If this guy had the balls to stand up on this thing, then we’d be in business!

10. And finally, Le Hoverboard

MagSurf, built by researchers at Universite Paris Diderot in France, seem to have cracked it using quantum levitation. Now all we need is a whole lot of superconductors.

Planet earth is not ready for hoverboards, but at least we have gifs.

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