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The Definitive Ranking Of Road Trip Snacks From Worst To Best

Going on a road trip this summer? Stressed out about what to bring? Well roll the windows down and breathe easy. Here are 22 road trip snacks listed from least appetizing to yummiest brought to you by the #1 road trip snack.

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16. Kettle Chips

meatandbread / Via

Chips of all kinds are a road trip staple, really, but kettle chips are the only chip that will provide you with the illusion of refinement you truly seek while snacking in a moving vehicle.

15. Taquitos

nateisbaked / Via

Sure, they smell great when you're in the store, but not only will the inside definitely burn the living hell out of your mouth, but you wont be able to shake that greasy feeling from your hands for hours. Evil.

10. Chocolate Covered Pretzels

alexalovsyou / Via

Pretzels are great and chocolate is great, so chocolate covered pretzels are great, as long as you eat them quickly so you don't get melted chocolate all over your entire existence.

9. Lunchables

Danielle Fraser / Via

Though you're never too old to build your own cheese/ham/cracker tower, beware of warm lunchables, nothing will ruin your day more than sweaty cheese and glistening lunch meats.

7. Animal Crackers

christinesays / Via

These little suckers may fill you with the warm fuzzy feeling of childhood nostalgia but don't be fooled, they will also make you thirstier than all of the pretzels in the world.

4. Hot Fries

Gabriel Saavedra / Via

Crunch, spice, and a dash of mystery - hot fries basically have it all when it comes to being a snack. But go easy on these or they will come back to haunt you, if you know what we mean.