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How To Throw An Epic Tailgate Party

Want to throw a tailgate that will go down in history? You've come to the right place. With some careful planning ahead of time, you'll be set so you and your friends have an awesome time once the game comes around. Brought to you by Jack Link's.

1. So you want to throw the best tailgate ever, do you?

2. The key to an EPIC tailgate is to invite the wildest friends you have!


This isn't just any's a PARTY!

The CRAZIER your party looks, the more awesome people it will attract!


You know it's a good time when Santa Claus shows up out of nowhere for your tailgate!

3. So be sure to plan activities to draw people to your tailgate!


The more people your party attracts, the more successful you are.

4. Make sure you have PLENTY of beverages!


Tailgating is hard work, and people will get thirsty.

5. Definitely have some awesome music playing in the background.


This will keep the party going and draw people to your area. Fist pumping is good, but don't be afraid to throw back to some classics and oldies as well.

6. And now for the FOOD!


Plan ahead of time...well-prepared food makes for an EPIC tailgate.

Hopefully you're good on the grill!

Plan on cooking LOTS of meat!


Be creative. Make food that gets everyone excited to be at YOUR tailgate!

Don't forget the brats and burgers!

itsnotprint / Via Flickr: itsnotprint

7. Also prepare food that goes well with meat.

Like potato skins!

Triple Tri / Via Flickr: tripletri

Or even WAFFLES!

JMR_Photography / Via Flickr: jmrosenfeld

That's right, waffles! Don't be afraid to mix it up. This is YOUR party!

8. For extra credit, bring a TV to watch the game!

Via Flickr: thefoodgroup

This is every serious tailgater's dream!

This guy definitely knew what he was doing!

James Willamor / Via Flickr: bz3rk

9. And to really blow your tailgate out of the water, bring a hot tub!

Courtesy of Joe Cahn / Via

That's right. A hot tub, at a tailgate. It's been done before, so no excuses.

10. Most importantly, remember to enjoy the game!


In the end, the game is what it was all about. You deserve this.