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The Definitive Ranking Of The Best Burger Toppings

Some toppings belong on your burger, and some absolutely do not. Rank your favorite toppings below. The Buttery Jack™ burger has plenty of your favorite toppings just waiting for you at Jack in the Box.

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12. Pickles

Abbey Lossing/BuzzFeed

Half the population loves them, and the other half of the population picks them off every burger they’ve ever had one by one. Pickles, you are perhaps the most polarizing burger topping out there.

11. Mayonnaise

Abbey Lossing/BuzzFeed

We get it, mayonnaise. You’re the silent partner that helps pull together many burgers. With that said, it’s super hard to get excited about you. You’re just so plain, y’know? Call us back when you’ve put “chipotle” in front of your name or something.

10. Lettuce

Abbey Lossing/BuzzFeed

While you may not taste like much of anything, lettuce, you bring a tremendous amount to the table in terms of crunch and color. A burger without you sounds mushy and looks less fresh. Thanks for being there, lettuce.

9. Onions

Abbey Lossing/BuzzFeed

Let’s be honest: Nobody wants to bite right into you, onion. You, quite literally, make us cry. Your rep going into this wasn’t great. That said, a burger without you lacks a certain sharpness. We need you around, onion. Just back off when we start wiping our eyes, OK?

8. A Second Beef Patty

Abbey Lossing/BuzzFeed

There are those that will say you are too much, second beef patty. Those people are fools. When we are very hungry, you are just the right amount. Thanks for providing backup to beef patty number one, bro.

7. Jalapeños

Abbey Lossing/BuzzFeed

To those of us who love jalapeños, they are an essential part of making burgers delightfully spicy. To everyone else, they just seem like a dastardly plot to get us to buy larger soft drinks.

6. Sriracha Hot Sauce

Abbey Lossing/BuzzFeed

You know you’ve got a good thing going when the internet writes open love letters to you. You’re not one of the old-guard staples on the burger menu, Sriracha. And the spice-averse may still be wary of you, but you are delicious, and we’re glad you’ve joined the burger party.

5. Avocado

Abbey Lossing/BuzzFeed

You used to be just a thing the West Coast put on its burgers, avocado, but your delicious creaminess made the rest of the country green with envy, so now your green is topping burgers and bringing that Cali lifestyle from coast to coast.

4. Tomatoes

Abbey Lossing/BuzzFeed

There are only two fruits in the burger game: pineapple if you’re in Hawaii, or tomato if you’re anywhere else. Tomato, you dominate the field of fruits atop burgers, and we love you for it.

3. Garlic Herb Butter

Abbey Lossing/BuzzFeed

A better butter: We can build it. We have the technology. Enter garlic herb butter, the delicious marriage of a fantastic herb and a miracle of dairy. Garlic herb butter, you make the burger delicious and fancy all at once.

2. Bacon

Abbey Lossing/BuzzFeed

It’s simply astounding that the genius who thought to bring pork and beef together on a burger remains unknown to history and without a Nobel prize. If we weren’t so busy salivating after a bacon cheeseburger, we’d probably look into the matter ourselves.

1. Cheese

Abbey Lossing/BuzzFeed

The difference between cheeseburgers and burgers, these days, is almost nonexistent. The idea of getting a burger without cheese is nearly unthinkable. Swiss, cheddar, American; it doesn’t matter what kind of cheese you are. Get on our burger NOW.