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8 Made-Up Feuds You Probably Have An Opinion About

Pick a side in these totally not-real situations.

Capulets vs. Montagues. Male lions fighting over female lions. Celebrity Twitter fights. Let's face it: Epic feuds are part of human nature.

In the following imagined feuds, which side will you defend?

1. Cat People vs. Dog People

2. Sun vs. Moon

3. Under vs. Over

4. Early Birds vs. Night Owls

5. Introverts vs. Extroverts

6. You Feeling Rested vs. You Feeling Tired AF

7. Pessimists vs. Optimists

8. "The Book Is Better Than The Movie" People vs. "The Movie Better Than The Book" People

Hungry for more drama? Check out this culinary celebrity Twitter feud. When you're ready to pick a side, shout your battle cry with the hashtag "#JackVsMartha."

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This epic feud has just begun.

Illustrations by Lyla Ribot / © BuzzFeed 2018