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Here Are Movie Awards You Should Actually Win

We all watch movies, and we all deserve awards.

1. Didn’t Scream at Their Mother When She Asked “Now Who’s This Guy?” Each Time a Character Entered a Scene

2. Didn’t Eat All the Popcorn During the Previews

3. Accurately Predicted the Predictable Twist Ending

4. Successfully Snuck Outside Snacks Into the Theater

5. Felt the Urge to Say “The Book Was Better Than the Movie” But Held Back

6. Didn't Miss Important Plot Points While on Social Media for No Reason

7. Completed a Movie That Was Longer Than Two Hours Without Falling Asleep

8. Didn’t Read a Spoiler on the Internet Before Watching the Movie

This awards season, don't just treat yourself with one of these movie awards. Head to Jack in the Box and grab a new delicious Asian fried chicken sandwich, too. You deserve it.

Illustrations by William Smith / © BuzzFeed 2018