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13 Savage Moments From The Martha Stewart Vs. Jack In The Box Feud That Will Make You Pick A Side

Oh boy, this thing got ugly.

So. Here's the deal. On the night of big game, Martha Stewart was making an Asian Fried Chicken Sandwich.

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She pointed to her prized sandwich and said, "You'd never see this at a fast food restaurant." Jack got mad and...let's just say things got a little out of hand. Some insults were thrown around.

1. And because it's 2018, of course a social media war was declared.

Well, she didn't really leave me with a choice, did she? #JackVsMartha

Jack had no other choice than to respond. And, I mean, these numbers don't lie.

2. Martha came ready.

.@JackBox is a total sellout. I can’t believe he showed the world that video during the big game #JackVsMartha #ad

She had a few things to say about the commercial.

3. Then he served a one-two punch sandwich: Jack released an attack ad.

I'm ready to forgive @MarthaStewart right here, right now. All she has to do is try it. #JackVsMartha

Martha, just try the sandwich.

4. And after that, he tried a new tactic.

.@MarthaStewart If this won't make you try my Asian Fried Chicken Sandwich, I don’t know what will. #JackVsMartha

He threatened Martha Stewart the only way you can threaten Martha Stewart.

5. Martha then clapbacked with THIS.

Hey @JackBox I made you something in honor of your campaign to get me to try your sandwich. #JackVsMartha #ad

Tired of being pestered to eat the sandwich, she took it to the next level. Honestly, you just have to watch.

6. The game had changed, but Jack didn't back down on his sandwich dreams.

Recent convo with @MarthaStewart after her voodoo attack on me. I think I'm making progress. #JackVsMartha

You can't EVER give up on your sandwich dreams.

7. Y'all, Martha just kept going.

.@JackBox I’ve got a delicious message for you. #JackVsMartha #ad


8. Jack rallied his fast-food lovers with another poll.

.@MarthaStewart is STILL refusing to try my Asian Fried Chicken sandwich and see how delicious it is. What do you t…

It didn't look so good for Martha.

9. Then Jack released her phone number.

My efforts to get @MarthaStewart to try my Asian Fried Chicken Sandwich have failed. Maybe you can help by calling…

If Jack couldn't get Martha to cave, he was going to call on the people to do the job.

10. It got ugly.

.@MarthaStewart Someone keyed my car. And quite frankly... it's breathtaking. #IllTakeThatAsAMaybe #JackVsMartha

To be fair, her handwriting is beautiful.

11. Then Martha came ready with the receipts.

Well played @JackBox. You gave out my phone number. By the way, I know this one was you. #JackVsMartha #ad

A "mystery" caller left a message raving about the dang sandwich.

12. Jack was ready to give in. But then he caught her. He caught her eating the sandwich.

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13. Martha eventually had to admit she was wrong about the sandwich. And the two remained friends. Kinda.

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Okay, whose side are you on for this one? Who had the sickest burns. Try Jack in the Box's Asian Fried Chicken Sandwich for yourself and form an opinion. You know you're going to have one.