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Which Hotel Girl Should You Date?

Select which answer you look for in a significant other or the answer that is most relatable to your life to find which Hotel girl you should date!

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  1. What is your favorite restaurant?

    Buffalo Wild Wings
    The Incline
    P.F. Changs
    Marion's Pizzeria
    El Caporal
    The Eagle
    Any Japanese Steakhouse
    Sushi or anything with waffles
    Wherever I can order off the kids menu
  2. When do you feel most loved?

    When someone takes interest in my fav sports team
    When we quote Lord of the Rings together
    The third hour of a dance party
    Quality time
    Hugs and being vulnerable
    When someone buys me a hot dog
    Whenever any food is given to me
  3. Which UC boy would you date?

    Kyle McCarthy
    Michael Treft
    Sean McLeod
    Hank McLeod, for sure.
    Luke Stevison after I saw him cry
    Don't make me choose between the Keith brothers
    Who has the longest hair?
    The ones I wanted are engaged
    Do they have to be in College?
    Damian Sutton (He's in UC squad right?)
    I prefer Miami boys
  4. What is your go-to study spot?

    My room
    2nd Floor couch
    Balcony: rain or shine.
    My bed
    Harry Potter room in Crossroads Uptown
    Langsam Library
    The 3 minutes before the exam
    I'm a Communications major...
    I really don't study
    What is school??
    Don't have one
  5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    Shaping young minds
    Ski bum with a college degree
    Leading in Maderia
    Shopping at Magnolia Farms
    Living in Miranda's basement
    Maybe living in Europe??
    Part time worker, Full time mom
    Married with kids and Dan
    Lotsa babies
    Somewhere 20+ hours West of here/4000+ elevation
    Freelancing and #vanlife
  6. How many kids do you want to have?

    I don't know?? I'm just trying to get through college.
    5: birth a few, adopt a few
    6: 5 kids + Dan
    6: 2 adopted; mostly boys
    7: 5 kids, 2 dogs
    7: 2 foreign, 5 bilological
    Twins or I don't want any
    As many as it takes to have a boy who will be a pro athlete
    As many as I can trick my husband into having
  7. On a scale from Emma to Maeve, how emotional are you?

  8. What is your go-to Netflix show?

    Friday Night Lights
    How I Met Your Mother
    Prison Break
    New Girl
    The Office
    One Tree Hill
    The worst 80s movie I can find
  9. What will your future home be like?

    Old with character and all things Anthropologie
    I'll be in Miranda's basement so whatever she picks.
    Can I hire Chip and Joanna Gaines?
    Elm & Iron
    West Side
    Big backyard
    Cozy house with a big pool and a few acres of woods
    A light yellow house with lots of sunflowers
    Dark and quiet
    More chickens than people but still a lot of people
    All things Pinterest
  10. How many times have you seen Twenty One Pilots in concert?


    Once and never again
    2: Columbus
    2: Columbus, Cincinnati
    2: Cincinnati
    3 (sadly)
    4? I met Tyler's fam once.
    13 ........... |-/
  11. What is your worst car experience?

    My car turned off in the middle of an exit ramp for 15 minutes... then we sang "Jesus Take the Wheel" and it miraculously started.
    Once, a few of my roommates and I went to pick up a dog from the SPCA, and it had poop all over it. It smelled awful, so as I was driving home, I was gagging so hard that I had to pull over and let someone else drive.. I then rode the rest of the way home
    One time, I lied to my mom and told her that I was going to church, but I was really going on a date. On my way to "church", I blew out a tire and my mom had to rescue me. She still doesn't know I was actually going on a date.
    None. I'm a boss driver.
    I hit a parked car once.
    I've hit a dude on a bike.
    One time, I was on my way back from work at The Beach Waterpark, in just a one-piece bathing suit, and my car hood flew up and was stuck. When I pulled over on the side of the highway to fix it, a strange man pulled over and tried to help me.
    Car wouldn't start, ex boyfriend's family had to rescue me (two days after the break-up).
    I rear ended my boss on my second day of co-op..
    I just speed... a lot.
    I've totaled 2 cars.
  12. How often do you skip class?

    Whenever it's raining
    What is class??
    When I feel like it
    8 days a week
    Honestly, it's the online classes that get me
    They notice when I'm gone from the 3 hour, 15 person class, so never.
    As many times as the syllabus says I can
    Twice a month
    I'm a corporate lizzard
    A few times every month
    If my friends are skipping, I'm skipping.
  13. If Emma Hofmann designed your next tattoo, what would it be?

    We don't know what's going on in her head, but we love it.

    Flexing arm emoji
    Floral pattern on lower back
    Hot Dog riding a longboard
    A panda surrounded by 3 bible verses
    Captain America's shield
    Star of David
    State of Ohio
    "jesus" written in caligraphy
    A baby
    A freckle on the bottom of your foot
  14. What game show would you win?

    Fear Factor
    The Bachelor
    Dr. Phil
    Real World Challenge
    Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?
    American Ninja Warrior
    America's Next Top Model
    The Amazing Race
    The National Dog Show
    Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Which Hotel Girl Should You Date?

You got: Jackie

If you like pasta with marinara sauce for every meal, Jackie is your girl! I hope you're ready to drop anything and drive any amount of hours to get to Miami, Rockbridge or Cookout, and she is always down to jam to the song "Everytime We Touch" by Cascada. If you don't mind hairless dogs, then you should absolutely give Jackie a call.

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You got: Maddie

If you're over the age of 25, Maddie is for you! Or if you play for the Yankees. You'll probably get to meet a lot of famous people and swim in her grandma's sweet pool. She's always down to beat you in any sport. Also, you have to be over 6'5 and be able to finish C-WHAT with C-RAIN.

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You got: Liz

If you love Ben Rector and have the voice of an angel, Liz is your girl! She went down south for school, but forgot how great the Nast Nati is, so she just had to transfer back! She is our newest Hotel girl, but fits in oddly well, and yelling at Alexa (Amazon Echo) is her favorite past time. On your first date, you can take her to any country music concert and she would probably marry you on the spot. If you want to know Liz better, ask her boyfriend, Michael Treft!

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You got: Emma

If you love anything nerdy except for actual school, Emma is your girl! She likes to spend way too much money on shoes, but finds all of her clothes at GoodWill or her brother's closet. You might get her and Blake Lively confused on Instagram. If you can't laugh about Lord of the Rings jokes or understand conversations in 100% sarcasm, you chose the wrong Hotel girl. Hopefully you are planning on living in Israel or Mason, OH and want at least 12 kids.

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You got: Bekah Carpenter

If you like Harry Potter and a women in uniform, Bekah is your girl! She loves Africa, babies and long walks on the beach. She's always down for sports , trespassing or Skyline. Bekah can quote any C.S. Lewis book and can do 16 push-ups in 2 minutes. Wow!

Bekah Carpenter
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You got: Maeve

If you like bike ride and tears, Maeve is your girl! Lucky for you, Maeve loves everything. Buy her some flowers or Chacos, tenderly say her name, show her a sunset or a tampon commercial and you will move her to tears. She has funky fashion and loves to twerk on the dance floor. I hope you're okay with living on a farm one day and being in a lot of Instagrams. Maybe you'll even get your own hashtag!

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You got: Bekah Sislowski

If you like Marvel and making YouTube videos, then Bekah is your girl! Fortunately for you, your daughters' names have already been picked out. They will all be Bekah, because she thinks it's effing hilarious. All you have to do is take her to Canes, and you'll have her heart. She loves to sleep, lives in sweat pants and lies about tanning. If you want to get to know Bekah better, ask her boyfriend, Sean McLeod!

Bekah Sislowski
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You got: Kyra

If you like mooning people, being sassy or your name is Hank McLeod, Kyra is your girl! All you have to put in the fridge is Nutella, because she'll put that ish on everything! Pizza, oranges, crutons, lemonade, you name it! Kyra loves to be sarcastic and thinks she's hilarious. Be ready to laugh at the stupidest of jokes and dap her up afterwards. She is wild, yet responsible and pushes everyone to do their homework, dishes, contact work, etc..

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You got: Savanah

If you like dreadlocks and living paycheck to paycheck, Savanah is your girl! Don't worry about remembering Valentines Day, just take her climbing, skiing or long boarding. You and Savanah will spend hours listening to classic rock and being punks together.

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You got: Miranda

If you like pandas and sunflowers, Miranda is your girl! Be ready to answer the question, "Are you mad at me?" all the time. If you're allergic to dogs, too bad, you're going to have 8. She loves going to the gym and Cane's immediately after. If you took this quiz, Miranda probably has a friend crush on you! If you want to get to know Miranda better, just ask her boyfriend, Kyle McCarthy!!

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You got: Elisabeth

If you love Javascript and chilling in your perfectly decorated room, Elisabeth is your girl! Elisabeth is probably going to design the next greatest software that will make y'all rich before you're 30. She's always down to explore the city or put together the cutest outfit. I bet you wish you were an Indian!

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