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8 Products To Help You Fake It 'Til You Make It

Disclaimer: Not guaranteed to get you a job, but guaranteed to make you spend all your money before you have a stable income.

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2. This Kate Spade business card holder for your business cards — because anybody who is anybody has business cards.


Promising Review: I love my silver street "Let's do lunch" card holder! It has been perfect for my new job! It fits so well in my purse pockets so that it is convenient to grab in the middle of meetings. Highly recommend! — lilbhughes

Price: $20

3. This mug and notebook set to get people to stop asking you to validate their parking so you can focus on impressing the boss.


Promising Review: No reviews, but the centerfold says, "You're straight up magic," so it's a yes from me.

Price: $20

5. A name plate to remind you and your coworkers what you work for.

Promising Review: So far no one has reviewed it... But how much more convincing do you really need? They also have a Beyoncé one. So now you're sold.

Price: $28.00 and worth every penny

6. These office citations for making friends over the mutual hatred for a coworker.


Promising Review: Yes these were purchased for the Office.Our office is around 10 people. All of us IT. And of course some days.. We have that one person that just makes you want to face palm so hard, family members fall out of their chairs in pain... Thats just how it is sometimes.. And what better way to NOT face palm that hard? Give them the gift of a WTF note. There are many choices on this little gift from the gods that will help that person better understand what they have done. Purchase these and let a coworker understand your agony. — Ricky L. Jackson

Price: $5.30

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