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How To Clean Training Gloves

Cleaning gloves after training are necessary, as some germs can be passed from one individual to another if proper hygiene is not maintained. There are numerous ways and steps to get the task done.

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1. Get The Gloves Out Of the Bag


The first and the principal step is to get the gloves out of the bag as soon as you are done with your training since bacteria dwell on them. If you do not get them out the population of this disease, causing organisms will thrive. Therefore, transportation of the gloves is vital.

2. Wipe Out the gloves

As soon as you get them out of the bag, wipe them with a cloth to remove the excess moisture in them. Repeat this with both the gloves.

3. Cleaning of the inside of the gloves

After wiping out as much moisture as you, can from inside the gloves, use a sanitizer and a disinfectant for them to clean them properly and create a suitable hygienic environment. Sanitize the gloves well because your hands are sensitive. If bacteria thrive inside them, they can cause skin diseases very quickly.

There are various options to clean and disinfect the gloves for e.g. white vinegar or apple cider vinegar can be applied to clean your gloves. If you add tea tree oil to the vinegar solution, you can easily get additional anti-bacterial and antifungal properties.

Do not aggressively clean your gloves with these materials as it can cause damage to the gloves very easily. Do not use perfumes only to mask the smell of your gloves. Use proper sanitizing methods to kill bacteria and eliminate the risk of infection spread

4. Condition the training gloves

Few of the boxing gloves are made of leather material, and this requires them to be conditioned to keep them in proper shape. As leather is made from animal skin, and it can dry out very easily just like our skin. You will find many leather conditioners and cleaners in the market, or you can use some other alternative line lemon essential oil to clean them thoroughly.

To condition the gloves, apply a minute pee sized amount of conditioner or a few drops of oil to the outside of the gloves. Using a cloth and circular movements, try to absorb maximum oil into leather.

Follow all these steps to keep your training gloves in good condition. Try these steps, make your training gloves neat, and clean to use them again.

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