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Five Features Of Hotmail You Need To Know Now

Hotmail is one of the most popular web-mail service providers. At present, it is the biggest webmail service provider. It has around 400 million account holders. Its most close competitor Yahoo has 298 million users. On the other hand, Gmail has around 289 million account holders. Hotmail started its operation in the year 1996 as Hotmail. In the year, 2006 it changed its name to Outlook. From the beginning, Hotmail did not focus much on innovation. At present, they have added many cool features. Therefore, in this write-up, I would try to inform you about them.

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New Features of Hotmail

Let’s have a look at the cool features of Hotmail that will make a difference in this century and how you can benefit from them. They are as follows:

Watch Videos

The new feature will allow you to view videos in the email. Therefore, you will not have to follow the link. Isn’t it cool? You can watch from Hulu and YouTube staying on Hotmail. The compose window contains a Bing search box. Hence, you can search videos to send to people. It is another cool feature.

Amazing Photo Feature

Hotmail has added a photo feature. When you attach photos, it will create a slide show. For sending pictures, the Hotmail's service is fantastic. Hotmail uses cloud storage service- SkyDrive. Hence, you will not have to face problem in sending photos. Moreover, unlike other webmail services the Hotmail has no limit.

Junk Mail Feature

For this Hotmail has introduced Sweep feature. Just hover your mouse to any message. Moreover, you will find many options like delete or move to another folder. You will be able to keep the important emails and delete the junk ones quickly. Therefore, your inbox will remain clean.

Easy Sorting

The sorting of emails has also become comfortable. The quick view feature will help you in this regard. It will sort the email automatically based off how you flagged them up for later actions. As a result, to filter photos and documents have become simple. You will not have to worry to find out all the emails of a particular person.

Integrated MS Office

Hotmail has integrated Microsoft Office web app. Hence, you will be able to edit and create office documents on the go. Moreover, you can use this feature directly from the inbox.

In conclusion, you must create hotmail account and get benefit from these features to make your webmail experience comfortable.