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19 Dog GIFs To Distract You From The Dumpster Fire Of A Year 2017 Has Been

Have you watched the news lately? Yes? Okay, you poor thing, you need this.

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1. He's running to give you his love (and his paw)!

Little Animal Gifs / Via

2. They're just as confused as you are about the state of the world.

Via Giphy

3. Look at that nose! Doesn't that now make everything better?

Little Animal Gifs / Via Giphy

4. It's a tiny ball of fluff, here to safe you!

Little Animal Gifs / Via Giphy

5. Look at the little hopping ball of fluff, running to fix everything.

Little Animal Gifs / Via Giphy

6. He's more athletic than I am. Maybe he can beat up a few choice people for you!

TheFilmJunkie / Via Giphy

7. Think he's dreaming of flying to another planet?

TheFrogMan / Via Giphy

8. Bathtime for puppers, washing away this year.

Digg / Via Giphy

9. Aww! He just wants to play! Bad kitty for not playing!

LilePop / Via Giphy

10. He looks like a literal teddy bear that you can cuddle next time you watch the news.

Testing 1, 2, 3 / Via Giphy

11. He's a floppy puppers who falls down just as easily as this year fell apart.

Redditian / Via Giphy

12. Sleepy puppers, hoping to sleep through 2017.

13. Puppy friendship is so pure. They protect each other through every healthcare update.

MaryClaresGifs / Via Giphy

14. Your new (best) cuddle buddy.

Lost-in-Science-Fiction / Via Giphy

15. He'll be your burrito of happiness while you're a burrito of sadness.

Little Animal Gifs / Via Giphy

16. Just like you, he's walking away from all his problems.

17. Wouldn't you like to wake up next to that every morning?

18. That pup is a better model than Kendall Jenner tbh.

Tastefully Offensive / Via Giphy

19. He's trying so hard to give you a hug.

Howlington / Via Giphy
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