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5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Your Big Promposal

Take a deep breath and think before you organize that flash mob.

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As a senior girl, I can say with some authority that there isn't much that's more exciting or makes you feel more special than a well planned, well executed promposal. However, like anything else in life, there is a WRONG way to do this that can leave you and your gal/guy in a really uncomfortable position. I've seen it. And it's ugly.

Is this inconveniencing my date in any huge, unnecessary way?

Yes, the two dozen red roses are an adorable, romantic gesture. Everyone loves homemade delicious treats. But things like flowers and food can be a pain in the ass for someone to deal with for the rest of the day. Storing them somewhere can be difficult- flowers are fragile- and then there's getting them home. If your girl has an away game she certainly doesn't want to be carting flowers or a ton of cupcakes on a bus there and back and worrying about them while she's playing. That's not to say things like flowers and food aren't appreciated- but make sure you've made an arrangement for your date to deal with them until he or she gets home.

Am I making something about me that really shouldn’t be about me?

Keep in mind- If you're going to be popping the question at some school event- wether it be a game, a show, or anything else where there's an audience- that there are other people there too. People who have worked very hard on said event! It's not fair to overshadow what they're doing with your extravagant promposal. Really. If you can, do your best to check with the leaders of the team or the student directors of the show to see how they feel about it.

Can she tell her parents about this promposal?

You probably have some hilarious sex/drugs/alcohol inside joke that you think is PERFECT to incorporate in there- but just remember that all of your date's friends and family are going to be asking "Oh my god! How did he/she do it?" And maybe "Cucumber Pants McGee" isn't something your date wants to have parents asking about when you come over on the big night for pictures.

Am I overestimating my own abilities?

You can rock ANYTHING with confidence- but you should take a step back and ensure that you're not going to completely blank and forget the words to "What Makes You Beautiful" before you serenade someone with your vocal stylings in front of the entire school. This goes for physical abilities at well. Please choose a promposal that limits the probability of you or your date needing to go to the emergency room.

Also: Tip for non-singers planning to sing, be LOUDER than you think you have to be. Awkwardly mumbling totally ruins any singing promposal!

Am I giving them the opportunity to say no?

This is a really unfortunate case with public promposals. When you pour your heart out into decorating an entire hallway and wait by her locker with flowers, the last thing you want to hear is "no" and she knows this too. PLEASE don't use this method to try and get your shot at that girl/guy you've admired silently from afar for the past four years- they don't want to embarrass you, but they very easily could.

Furthermore, you don't want them to say "yes!" just because you put them into a high pressure situation. It doesn't make for a good time when the actual night comes. Avoid by this by leaking a "trial balloon," have a friend mention it in passing to your potential date and see how he/she reacts before going for it. And if you're not together, don't be surprised if this person ends up hooking up with someone else between now and June and the entire school talks about it.

As a general rule, don't go super public unless you know they'd love to go with you.

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