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What's Something That Cost You A Bunch Of Money That You Don't Regret Buying?

Like that amazing three-month backpacking trip, perhaps.

So often we're told to save, save, save. Spending "just for kicks" can be seen as a vice. A big no-no. A cardinal sin among money nerds, even. But what's the fun in that?

Splurging on something that we've had our eye on for quite some time, or have wanted to do for ages, can be fun and freeing. So I want to hear about that time you went a little spendy on something and have zero regrets about it.

Maybe you've wanted to go to Budapest since you were a wee one. So when you finally got the chance to go, you went all out. It was expensive, but you got to see and taste everything, from the Buda Castle and dipping in the world-famous thermal springs to the quintessential dish of chicken paprikash. You saved up for years, and it was totally worth it to get to explore a dream destination.

Or maybe you went ahead and got a serious upgrade on your workstation situation, and bought a top-of-the line Mac Pro, and an Eames Executive work chair, and sprung for an ergonomic everything. Not cheap, by any means, and you had to put some of it on your credit card, but you paid off the balance quickly, and it's upped your work game 1,000%.

Or maybe you were tired of being the cheugy, frumpy-looking one in your social circle, and flashed serious cash on a new wardrobe. You did a 180 do-over from head to toe, and even worked with a $$$ AF hairstylist for a brand-new 'do. You used cash gifted to you from your birthday and dipped into your end-of-year work bonus, but it was money well spent.

Jump in the comments to share all your most memorable, all-time splurges, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.