I Decided To Turn Every Song From Taylor Swift's "Evermore" Into A Poster, And Here's What I Came Up With

    “Sometimes, walking out is the one thing that will find you the right thing."

    Hi! My name is Jackie, and I'm a graphic designer and illustrator. I'm also a huge Taylor Swift fan. You may remember when I turned every song from folklore into posters. Well, in honor of her new album, evermore, I once again made a visual interpretation of each song on this new album!

    Here are the results:

    1. "willow"

    A whimsical willow tree bent slightly toward toward the ground

    2. "champagne problems"

    A glass of champagne spilled over onto the floor

    3. "gold rush"

    A warm cup of tea sparkling and smoking on a cold morning

    4. "'tis the damn season"

    A row of quaint, snow-covered houses

    5. "tolerate it"

    A man and woman couple eating out at a restaurant, the woman looking unhappy

    6. "no body, no crime"

    A mysterious woman walking away from the ocean on a starry night

    7. "happiness"

    A woman in a sparkling gown staring at the sun rising from a mountainous horizon

    8. "dorothea"

    A girl sitting in a bean bag and reading a fashion magazine

    9. "coney island"

    A girl at Coney Island sitting on a bench and watching a ferris wheel spin around

    10. "ivy"

    Two people holding hands with ivy wrapped around their wrists and fingers, entangling them together

    11. "cowboy like me"

    A stable decorated for Christmas on a snowy day

    12. "long story short"

    A sword lying on the ground as a star falls through the heavens above

    13. "marjorie"

    A woman sitting on the edge of a lake, staring at her reflection as she mourns someone she lost, but the person's memory is always with her in spirit

    14. "closure"

    A crumpled letter next to three candles that burn brightly despite the darkness setting in all around

    15. "evermore"

    A mix tape with the tape unraveled, the love songs captured on it lost forever

    16. "right where you left me"

    A girl sitting at a table, covered in cobwebs as she waits for her lover's return

    17. And lastly – "it's time to go"

    A door opened to the outside world where a beach scene awaits as a beacon of freedom and hope after love lost

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