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    I Turned Every Song From Taylor Swift's "Folklore" Into A Poster — Here Are The Results

    "Betty, one time I was riding on my skateboard, when I passed your house it's like I couldn't breathe."

    Hi! My name is Jackie and I'm a graphic designer and illustrator. I'm also a huge Taylor Swift fan. In honor of her new album, folklore, I made a visual interpretation of each song on the album!

    Here are the results:

    1. "the 1"

    A girl sitting on a ledge tossing pennies into a square, blue pool below her

    2. "cardigan"

    A man and a woman dancing under a street light, with blue stars surrounding them

    3. "the last great american dynasty"

    a girl sitting on the rocks by the ocean looking up at the moon and a sky full of stars

    4. "exile" (feat. Bon Iver)

    an empty movie theater with a blank screen and a door on the side of the theater that's been left open

    5. "my tears ricochet"

    A casket with a single rose laying on top of it and a tree with no leaves

    6. "mirrorball"

    a girl walking across a tightrope with a disco ball hanging above her

    7. "seven"

    Two girls, one with long straight hair and one with braids, swinging next to each other on swings with clouds in the sky

    8. "august"

    An unmade bed with tiny stars swirling around it

    9. "this is me trying"

    A tall front door with windows on either side and a mail slot

    10. "illicit affairs"

    A perfume bottle with different types of flowers and leaves growing out of the sides

    11. "invisible string"

    A boy sitting in a car and a girl sitting under a tree reading, connected by a string that's tied itself into little hearts

    12. "mad woman"

    A scorpion with its tail in the air

    13. "epiphany"

    A girl sitting on a windowsill overlooking the mountains and the birds

    14. "betty"

    a suburban house with a girl skateboarding in front of it

    15. "peace"

    A picture frame holding a picture of a tiny house on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean

    16. "hoax"

    A girl standing on the edge of a tall cliff, overlooking the sky and the stars, with nothing below her

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