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    • jackiechandel6591

      I had just gone to sleep for the night and it was around 11pm. In my room I have a desk with my printer on it, but I never have the printer plugged in because I hated it when the cartridges would realign themselves. Also, I didn’t really use the printer very much anyway so it was kind of just a fixture on my desk. Anyway, I was almost asleep when all of the sudden the printer turns on and starts printing. I turn on the all of the lights and I’m scared shitless at this point and find that the printer had printed off a message saying “Good Morning”. I checked to see if I had forgotten to unplug the printer but the printer was still in fact unplugged. I was the only one in my room and everyone else in my house was asleep when this all happened. With no electricity going to the printer and no one to pull off some elaborate prank I have no explanation of how this could have happened. Other strange occurrences have happened to me and to the others who live in the house so we just always blame strange happenings on “the ghost”.

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