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Can Someone Answer This Bachelor In Paradise Question?

Seriously, Waddell family I need answers!

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If you're as big of a Bachelor fan as I am, you're probably LOVING this drama filled Bachelor in Paradise season! Most of you are probably focused on what an ass Joe is, or how many times Ashley I. cries, or how annoying Clare's mouth is when she talks.

But aside from those things, I was focusing on why the hell Carly missed her own brother's wedding!

Here's Carly's Brother...

ABC / Via

Some of you may not know, but Carly's brother is Zak Waddell from Desiree's season! And yes, he really walked out of the limo like this, but he was still my favorite (besides Brooks, of course)

Zak Waddell's Instagram / Via

On Sunday's episode Carly informed us (Kirk) that she was missing her brother's wedding to find love on a reality show. They seem pretty close, I mean look at this selfie?

But then again how often do you get to go on an all expenses paid vacation to make out on TV, talk about people behind their back, and have Jorge make you any drink you want?

I guess he understands since he's been there? IDK I'm trying to justify it but I can't.



YES THAT'S RIGHT! ITS DAN! AND MICHAEL! AND JUAN PABLO (that has nothing to do with Bachelor in Paradise but still it had to be mentioned.)

OK, It makes sense that Michael could of made it to the wedding since he was in paradise for about 20 minutes, but how was Dan able to make it and not Carly?! Was this in between breaking up with Ashley S. and his date with Amber?!

Carly Waddell Instagram

Dan clearly has the same "commitment" to the show as Carly does. And I'm assuming she's a tad bit closer to Zak than Dan (except based on that phone called it didn't seem like he cared much)


Zak: Ya thanks but G2G Dan's about to catch the bouquet.

I guess we can say that Carly is definitely there for the "right reasons," to pick a one-on-one over her brother's wedding!

So my question is, how and why was Dan there and not Carly?


UPDATE: Carly Waddell responded via Twitter saying "The wedding was with only family in Ireland. The photos are of the reception." THANKS CARLY keep on keeping on with Kirk!

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