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Which Smith Fuckboy Are You?

We fuck. It's that plain and simple. Women love us, guys wanna be us. We call 211 our home and this quiz will give you a definitive answer as to just what guy you want to make a baby with.

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  1. What are you most likely to say after sweating the bed?

    Oh jeez.
    Well, that's fair.
    HA! Not the first time my beds been this wet ;)
    Fucking cock
    Well shit.
  2. Whats your favorite beer?

    Bud Light
    Semen Light. No calories
  3. What do you think is the best part of a mans body?

    The gooch
    The tits
    The back of his neck
    Ear lobe
    Left big toe
  4. Favorite male porn star?

    Bryan Cheetham
    Staceyy Robinson
    Jhonny Sinns
    Peter Dinklage
    Coffee Black
  5. What pick up line would most likely work on you?

    "Hey do you like grape soda? Because I'm gonna fuck you in the ass."
    "I'm no weatherman but you could expect a few inches tonight."
    "I'll drag my balls through broken glass and legos just to hear you fart through a walkie talkie."
    "I have a busy life. 18 holes a day and I still find time to play golf."
    "You have the cutest lil nose I've ever seen. I want to fuck it."
  6. What's your favorite party theme?

    Wizards and sluts.
    Noah's Ark Date Party
    Dinosaurs and whores.
    Naked. Anal.
    Priests and children.
  7. Favorite sex toy?

    Anal beads.
    The blender.
    Vacuum Cleaner
    A weed whacker.
  8. What profession would you like to see your husband in?

    FBI. Female Body Inspector.
    Girl scout cookie salesman.
    Casting couch producer.
  9. What would your password most likely be?

  10. What would you most likely name your first born son?

  11. What qualities do you look for most in a guy?


Which Smith Fuckboy Are You?

You got: Nigel

What more do we need to say? They call him "The Warrior in the Mist". Only thing longer than his lifespan is his cock. No doubt the dude has the sperm to produce absolute pussy destroyers.

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You got: Mark Scola

I'm just as disappointed as you are. Unfortunately, you have bad taste in men. Well, that's fair.

Mark Scola
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You got: Jack Iannotti

Congrats the father of your child won't give a fuck about anything. Your son, Jack Iannotti Jr., will emerge from the womb blackout with plan B in hand. You couldn't ask for a better hubby.

Jack Iannotti
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You got: Daniel Pastore

His semen is as plentiful as his buckets..... limited at best. Sure, his jokes may want you to wring your neck but his cock is no joking manner. Would make a great father.

Daniel Pastore
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You got: John Savino

Well if you got John, odds are you like cock just as much as he does. Sure, his tits might be bigger than yours but the guy needs a wheel barrel to get his junk around.

John Savino
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