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11 Surprising Things You Need At Every Party This Summer

Three words: human bowling ball. Step up your party game this summer with these whacky objects and share your pics with us — you might win a VIP trip to Lollapalooza ’15 from Jack Honey.

1. A remote controlled cooler.


Never walk to a cooler again with this bad boy!

2. A condiment gun.


Show that hot dog who's boss!

3. A barbecue dining boat.


Tables on land are lame. You'll feel this way too after a gathering on this dining boat.

4. An ice luge.


Chill your drinks in the most fun way possible — send them down an ice slide headed straight for your mouth.

5. Floating lighted pool fountain


Having a pool party? Make sure you have this floating, lighted fountain. You'll look classy AND wild all at once.

6. Ice jewels.


Don't make the mistake of offering your party guests normal ice cubes — give them ice cubes shaped like diamonds and look like the coolest host ever.

7. A "hamdogger."


Blow everyone's minds by turning your hamburgers into HOT DOGS.

8. A grill that looks like a garbage can.


Because ha ha, it's funny.

9. A human bowling ball.


Move over, Frisbee — a new game is in town.

10. Decor matching candles.


Make your guests say "whoa" when your candles change colors to match their surroundings.

11. A candy grabber.


Challenge your guests with this DAUNTING game of candy grabbing.

Have anything like this at your 4th of July party? Show us in this week’s Jack Honey photo challenge, and you could win a $100 concert ticket gift card and a shot at a VIP trip to Lollapalooza ’15.