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The Definitive Ranking Of Summer Selfies

Can you take a better selfie? Show off your creativity, and you could win a VIP trip to Lollapalooza ’15 from Jack Honey!

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11. The "Isn't the Beach Beautiful?" Selfie

Courtesy of Jamie Poisella

Why: Chances are we all have at least one of these straightforward snaps in our camera rolls. Thanks to near-perfect lighting that highlights our assets, we feel real #blessed in this typical selfie, but are still ranking it #11.

10. The "I'm a Beautiful Hippie" Selfie

Why: There are a lot of music festivals this summer, and floral crowns are the IT accessory, but this selfie is a little less than impressive. Don't be surprised to see your friend photographed without this blooming headpiece until after October.

9. The "Look How Patriotic We Are Because It's the 4th of July" Selfie

Why: We all love to show off just how much we love America, and how great we look in coordinated red, white, and blue. And for that, we raise our flags and salute you. However, if this had been more original, maybe it'd be higher in our list.

8. The "Check Out My Bridesmaids Dress in This Mirror" Selfie

Why: It's wedding season, and everyone looks great in formal wear. You want to show off your hot bod off because, dang! You look good! Unfortunately we're deducting points due to the frequency this photo will be posted.

7. The "We're Having the Best Time Ever on Vacation" Selfie

Courtesy of Jackie Lee

Why: This selfie is important, because summer is a great time to travel. Thanks to your pictures, we get to explore new places through your lens and test drive the scenery before we buy a plane ticket, but we're not there yet, and a little jealous, which is why it's coming in lukewarm at #7.

6. The "It's Not the Heat, It's the Humidity" Selfie


Why: Now we're getting somewhere! Good on you, not being afraid to show off your natural locks. That takes a lot of courage, and we appreciate that! Keep living your #nofilter life to the fullest.

5. The "How Do We Pay Off Our Student Loans?" Selfie

Why: Our friends worked harder than deodorant in July for their degrees. They spent some of the most grueling years of their life studying for and crushing tests. They totally deserve to flaunt such a huge accomplishment, and hold the #5 spot!

4. The "Holy Smokes! We Just Got Married!" Selfie

Why: Just like an albino peacock, this selfie is rare. But that's just because the bride and groom are usually kind of a little busy, which is why it's earned this spot. With that being said, kudos to the happy couple who can manage to sneak off and personally capture their day.

3. The "At the Game, Better Than Ellen's Oscar Selfie" Selfie

Courtesy of Shannon Cook

Why: Ever since the Oscars, large groups of friends have been trying to recreate that famous selfie. It takes a lot of work to perfect this picture, and that's why it's rounding out the top 3. You guys deserve a round of applause for finding all the right angles while maintaining a steady hand!

2. The "I Should Have Worn Sunscreen" Selfie

Why: This is sad, but also kind of really funny in a not-so-funny kind of way. Unfortunately, it's just not as awesome as #1. We all make mistakes, and no matter how many times a few of us have been burned in the past, we still haven't learned, but maybe others will!

1. The "Hold On, Things Are About to Get Bumpy" Selfie

Courtesy of Aubree Lennon

Why: You probably won't see this one often, because it requires a lot of skill, which is exactly why it's ruling our list and we're awarding it 100 internet points. A big congratulations to those who have successfully pulled this off without losing their phones!

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