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10 Signs You Were Born To Play The Guitar

You could rip solos on a shoebox strung with rubber bands. Maybe you still can.

1. You're always forcing guitar terms into conversation, even when it doesn't make sense.

2. The tips of your fingers are the toughest parts of your body.

3. You never leave a pick stranded on the sidewalk.

4. And at some point, you tried to customize your own.

5. You simply don't tolerate bad air guitar.

6. When your friend says he likes EDM:

7. You always pick karaoke songs with long guitar solos because THAT'S ALL YOU KNOW.

8. You teach yourself almost everything, and people think you're magical.

9. You learned your important life lessons from rock bands.

10. And you feel most comfortable when you're in front of other people.

If your fingers aren't too sore from strumming, then type up your entry and submit a video for Jack Daniel's Supporting Act contest. You may be one upload away from making your musical dreams a reality.