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10 Easy Ways To Throw The Hottest Party In Your Neighbourhood

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1. Invite the neighbours.

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Neighbours: your greatest downfall or your greatest reward. Mitigate the risk by inviting them to join the fun!

2. And be sure one or two BFFs come over early to hang out and pregame.

No matter what time you say the party is starting, people will come later. So enlist a BFF or two to come over early and hang. It'll keep you from being anxious that no one's coming (they're coming!) and also make the party look appealing when people do show up.

3. Decorate, but don't stress about it.

Seriously. Decorations are nice, but what matters more is the general vibe. So DIY what you're comfortable with, but don't make yourself crazy.

4. (Although an old-school disco ball never hurts.)

Just saying.

5. Pick a theme, but keep it loose.

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A theme can enhance a party big time, and here are some great theme ideas. But rather than demand that people participate, keep everyone happy by keeping it loose.

6. Have a very strong snack game.

People need fuel to party right.

7. Make a fire playlist.

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Music sets the mood for the whole night. So crucial. Which brings us to...

8. Set up space for dancing, space for hangin, and space for drinking games.

Eventually, everything will blend together into the perfect party storm.
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Eventually, everything will blend together into the perfect party storm.

9. Finally, serve a signature cocktail.

Cocktails make people happy!

10. And because your party is for real off the chain, a signature punch too.


This party is LIT.

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