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House Parties In Australia Vs House Parties In America

It's all different, but it's also kinda the same. Add some American spice to any party with Jack Daniel's Fire.

1. At American parties, you might bring along some chips and salsa to share with the gang.

At Aussie parties, you're not allowed inside unless you've brought a box of these with you:

2. At American parties, if the fridge gets full, you can just leave your drinks outside.

At Aussie parties, you need some serious insulation to keep them cold.

3. In America, you dress up for the national holidays.

In Australia, you'll get too hot even to wear clothes.

4. At American parties, you can go to town on the disposable red cups.

At Aussie parties, you'll be drinking out of the same one of these all night:

5. At American parties, you play games on a ping-pong table.

At Aussie parties, you use the clothesline.

6. At American parties, the snack game is cheesy and strong.

At Aussie parties, it's all about the party pies and sausage rolls (and burnt tongues).

7. In America, if the party isn't at a house, it'll be in a carpark somewhere.

In Australia, the party always ends up down at the beach.

8. At American parties, tiki torches create the ~ambience~.

At Aussie parties, the candles are both decorative AND functional.

9. At American parties, the barbecues are a little bit gourmet.

At Aussie parties, barbies are simpler (but really, you can't beat a sausage in bread).

10. At American Halloween parties, you'll most likely be SHUNNED if you turn up without a costume.

At Aussie "Halloween" parties, you probably won't even realise it's Halloween.

Ready. Aim. Fire! Add some American spice to your next party with Jack Daniel's Fire.

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