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13 Ugly Holiday Sweaters That Are Almost Too Ugly To Wear

If you received some ugly, ugly warmth this holiday season, you might as well make the most of it. Enter to win your own limited-edition holiday sled from Jack Daniel’s.

1. This Billy Bass Holiday Sweater:

2. This Psy-Inspired Sweater Dress:

3. This Punny Pullover:

4. This Tree "Sweater":

5. This Colorful Explosion:

6. This Naughty St. Nick:

7. This Terrible Turtleneck:

8. This Winged Whatever:

9. This Not-So-Beautiful Bell:

10. This Sad Santa:

11. This Santa Situation:

12. This Nightmare:

13. And, umm, uh, this:

Win your own holiday sled. It almost makes up for knit-happy Aunt Gertrude asking you to wear that sweater out to dinner.