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    • jackd16

      I think that history may judge Bush far better than you or I. Indeed, falling as he does between Clinton and Obama, he should getapass on some of his more awkward moments.Those other two will never find much appreciation outside of progressive circles and, even now, Obama is losing his status as poster child for them. And, yes, he does know how to thankasoldier. He seems to eschew self-serving self-aggrandizement as he waits in airport terminals to welcome returning service men and women or entertain them at his home as he hosts benefits for them. We don’t see much publicized in the mainstream media. Indeed, we probably wouldn’t know any of it were it not for his beneficiaries sharing their experiences with him on the social media. Bush was far too progressive in his ideology for my liking, butIstill admire him and his wife as great-hearted people.

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