The Official Trailer For "The Black Demon" Just Dropped, And I'm Shaking

    I might never swim in the ocean again.

    Thriller fans, action fans, come here for a sec. If you're someone who's always looking for a seriously spine-tingling action flick (coupled with a shark that is, frankly, far too big), have I got the movie for you.

    The Black Demon, starring Josh Lucas of Ford v. Ferrari and Yellowstone fame, dropped its official trailer, and my heart is racing! I actually feel like I'm running a marathon watching this.

    The film follows Lucas as Paul Sturgess, an oil worker who turns his work trip/oil rig site visit into a family vacay in scenic Mexico. If I'm being honest, these kids are troopers for letting their dad drag them on vacation to an oil rig, but trip to Mexico!

    But when Paul and his family arrive, they discover that the locals have come to fear a demonic creature that stalks the waters surrounding the rig.

    Not one to believe in rumors (or realize that he's in a killer shark movie), Paul brings his family to the rig anyway, where they discover the entire place has been abandoned.

    A man arrives at an oil rig on a boat

    Pretty soon, Paul and his family find themselves under attack by, you guessed it, a massive megalodon shark known as "The Black Demon."

    Teaming up with the remaining oil rig workers, the Sturgess family realizes that they’re stranded and have to find a way back to the safety of the shore — with hundreds of feet of open water and an aggro, overly territorial shark standing in their way.

    It's moments like these that make me feel obliged to say: Dads, don't take your family on your work trips. It's not going to be fun for them. It's just not.

    Anyway, if you're a thrill-seeking moviegoer with a penchant for big killer shark motifs, The Black Demon is for you! Check out the official trailer for the movie below. It's coming out only in theaters on April 28.

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