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25 Tweets About Dating That Gay Twitter Has Blessed Us With

It's brutal out there, but these tweets help a little!

Dating is tough, but let's be honest, Gay Dating™️ is even harder. Luckily, these tweets are here to prove that you're not alone out there! Check out these 25 hilarious gay tweets about dating, and give these folks a follow (it's Pride Month after all)!


I want a boyfriend but I don’t want to use apps, go on dates, or meet anyone new

Twitter: @imjustinrandall Netflix / Via Twitter: @imjustinrandall


Not to post grindr screenshots but this man just inexplicably sent me an image from pirates of the caribbean sandwiched between 4 dick pics…husband material

Twitter: @rosedommu Walt Disney Pictures


Yesterday when I met someone I shook their hand and said, “Jason Myles. Gay and single. Tell your friends.” And I think I’m gonna keep doing it.

Twitter: @JasonDMyles / Via Twitter: @JasonDMyles


My boyfriend can fuck whoever he wants but if he watches one of our shows with someone else it’s fucking over.

Twitter: @ihatejoelkim / Via Twitter: @ihatejoelkim


The best part about gay dating is that gay girls absolutely 100% want to hear how your cat is doing

Twitter: @TrotGirlSummer / Via Twitter: @TrotGirlSummer


Twitter: @HeyJasonJune / Via Twitter: @HeyJasonJune


imagine coming home from a long day at work and your podcaster boyfriend is on the couch tweeting about being the most famous person from his high school. no dinner on the table or anything.

Twitter: @calebsaysthings / Via Twitter: @calebsaysthings


Twitter: @Almondrobopanda / Via Twitter: @Almondrobopanda


Twitter: @GKuhlenschmidt / Via Twitter: @GKuhlenschmidt


i know a guy in seersucker shorts isn’t talking big to me. i will sink your dads boat, bitch.

Twitter: @calebsaysthings / Via Twitter: @calebsaysthings


A visual of 5’2 tops & 6’1 bottoms

Twitter: @heyjaeee VH1 / World Of Wonder / Via Twitter: @heyjaeee


the other day i was watching family feud and the question was "something men love doing together" and they got 4/5 that were like playing poker or drinking or whatever and they couldn't get the last one and so they reveal it and the sign flips over and it says "GAY LOVEMAKING"

Twitter: @tinybaby / Via Twitter: @tinybaby


Worst part of the gay experience is waking up and seeing new messages from the Grindr conversations you were having the night before when you were a different person

Twitter: @imjustinrandall / Via Twitter: @imjustinrandall


nobody: gays dating the same local gays:

Twitter: @temosir / Via Twitter: @temosir


Gay culture is guys mysteriously having tons of exes but never actually dating anyone

Twitter: @JeffKasanoff / Via Twitter: @JeffKasanoff


Twitter: @PXPIBONES / Via Twitter: @PXPIBONES


a straight guy recently told me that flirting on Instagram must be so much easier for gay guys and I immediately thought about how my crush replied "go off mom!" to my story last month

Twitter: @jpbrammer / Via Twitter: @jpbrammer


gay people will fr just have sex with somebody of the same gender 😂

Twitter: @calebsaysthings / Via Twitter: @calebsaysthings


Twitter: @james_lohan NBCUniversal / Via Twitter: @james_lohan


Do gays break up and start dating people the next day? Is that their job?

Twitter: @james_billvill / Via Twitter: @_lesleyallan


Gays: So are you dating [insert friend’s name]? Me: No, we’re just friends. Gays: Great, cause I’m going to ask them out. Me:

Twitter: @joedujour Bravo / Via Twitter: @joedujour


Gay culture is getting rejected bc they're "not ready for a relationship" then seeing their relationship status change a week later

Twitter: @zachias_ / Via Twitter: @zachias_


reminded of the time I went on a date with a girl to an aquarium and the tour guide pulled us aside at the end and quietly informed us that they had gay penguins

Twitter: @brennasaid / Via Twitter: @brennasaid


Living in a small town and being gay is so hard like i have the choice of 3 girls like guess i'll just date myself ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Twitter: @Aeriolo / Via Twitter: @Aeriolo


Twitter: @johnnywizzz3 / Via Twitter: @johnnywizzz3

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