20 Hilarious Tweets For Anyone Who's Seen "Fall"

    You either have a fear of heights...or you do now!

    Congratulations! If you're reading this post, that means you've probably already seen Fall and lived to tell the tale!

    And I say that because: This. Movie. Is. Terrifying.

    But tbh, I can't blame anyone for having...well, let's just say a *visceral* reaction to the things the characters get up to in this movie.

    So, for your enjoyment, I've taken the liberty of rounding up some of the most anxious and most hilarious tweets about Fall below.

    🚨🚨Warning: potential spoilers ahead! 🚨🚨


    #FallMovie is a white-knuckled panic attack. If you weren't afraid of heights before, get ready to welcome vertigo into your life. @Lionsgate https://t.co/0D3kvnihsn

    Twitter: @Liz_Whittemore / Via Twitter: @liz_whittemore


    When you’re an anxious person who has a mild fear of heights but still go see #FallMovie anyways..

    Twitter: @Reemy_alhamad / Via Twitter: @Reemy_alhamad


    Seriously. I had a hard time unclenching EVERYTHING after watching this. The only words that @jennwhovian could say to me afterward were, "Dude, just... FUCK YOU." Honestly one of the scariest movies I've ever seen. @FallMovie #FallMovie https://t.co/awLtyLVlwD

    Twitter: @EddiePasa / Via Twitter: @EddiePasa


    I will not be seeing #FallMovie. The trailer alone made my palms sweat

    Twitter: @WingDynasty / Via Twitter: @WingDynasty


    Run, don’t walk, to see #FallMovie if you’d like to just be anxious af for 100 minutes.

    Twitter: @michaelcollado / Via Twitter: @michaelcollado


    #FallMovie is one of the more batshit movies I’ve seen lately. The vulture scenes had me howling!

    Lionsgate / Twitter: @thatisarapp / Via Twitter: @thatisarapp


    My anxiety I can’t. That movie was insane you guys. Never again. #FallMovie

    Twitter: @krismyjeep / Via Twitter: @krismyjeep


    Craziest movie I’ve seen in my life. I think I peed my pants. #fallmovie

    Twitter: @AbdonSalomon1 / Via Twitter: @AbdonSalomon1


    Just watched #FallMovie and I think I left with more phobias than I had when I went in.

    Twitter: @ADuralde / Via Twitter: @ADuralde


    a good date movie. especially if your date is afraid of heights and you want the relationship to move into the touchy-feely or puke stage — https://t.co/79qr89VsxL

    Twitter: @Jewelshepard / Via Twitter: @Jewelshepard


    Watching #FallMovie! I'm terrified of heights so this movie might mess with me.

    Twitter: @OfTheOFamily / Via Twitter: @OfTheOFamily


    If you want constant palm sweat, go watch #FallMovie

    Twitter: @shadisweis / Via Twitter: @shadisweis


    I’ve never ever watched a movie as anxiety & fear inducing as #FallMovie the anxiety & fear started about 1 minute in. Really good but more terrifying to me than just about any horror movie out there. I literally had to remind myself “it’s just a movie”. 😰 #movie #MovieReview

    Twitter: @Arwens_Photos / Via Twitter: @Arwens_Photos


    I was literally dizzy the whole time 😵‍💫 #FallMovie

    Lionsgate / Twitter: @jhopesattorney / Via Twitter: @jhopesattorney


    Paramount / Twitter: @ClackOff / Via Twitter: @ClackOff


    I don’t think I’ve ever been THAT tense and uncomfortable during a movie like I was tonight watching #FallMovie @FallMovie I need a couple stiff drinks. 😅

    Lionsgate / Twitter: @GoDucksJosh / Via Twitter: @GoDucksJosh


    saw Fall movie last night.. didn’t think I was afraid of heights, but my palms were sweating profusely and I was nauseous the whole movie lol

    Twitter: @RADeMita / Via Twitter: @RADeMita


    Dad: move on with your life Becky: Fuck you, Dad! Can’t tell me what to do. Becky’s friend: Let’s climb an old tv tower which will kill both of us! B: Sure. Why not? #fallmovie

    Twitter: @EmptyArcade / Via Twitter: @EmptyArcade


    Lordy, just saw #FallMovie not for the faint of heart and definitely not for anyone scared of heights. My palms are still wet.

    Lionsgate / Twitter: @HeSaidSheSaidMo / Via Twitter: @HeSaidSheSaidMo


    THIS is literally my nightmare. But I'm still tempted to watch... 🤔#FallMovie https://t.co/cJA8G5YwS3

    Twitter: @dunderklumpen80 / Via Twitter: @dunderklumpen80

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